LGBTeens Map will be temporarily shut down until further notice.



Due to circumstances outside of my control in the way Reddit allows us developers to interact with it's API/users we no longer can use the bot reliably to verify markers in the way we previously did (Through a private message confirmation) which means we can no longer function.


We would leave the map up with the current markers but given that the bot will be offline awaiting our maintenance that means no markers would be able to be modified/deleted which is not a position we wish to place our users in. So until I can get around to updating the map it will be temporarily offline, a thread will be posted and stickied on the subreddit when the map is online again!


The good news is that i DO have a solution to this problem, the bad news is that I am quite busy right now but will hopefully have the time soon to dedicate towards developing the major update needed to overhaul the way marker verification works which will also make it a much more convenient service for you, the user, to use!

- Signed, The LGBTeens Moderation Team (You know who I am.).